Hotel Tirolerhof Wildschönau, dining room

Restaurant Menu

Salads, Entrées & Soups

Mixed salad

Farmer’s - style salad Leaf salads with potatoes, pumpkin seeds, sliced egg, croutons, fried bacon strips and pumpkin oil

Mixed salad with slices of grilled turkey

Smoked salmon with roasted potatoes “Bernese Style” and leaf salad in pumpkin seed oil

Beef carpaccio with parmesan, rocket and basil pesto

Clear soup with noodles or pancake strips

Clear soup with liver dumplings

Cream of garlic “Innsbruck Style” with garlic bread slices


Tirolerhof Country Menus

Cheese loaves with brown butter and mixed salad

“Cheese Spätzle” Home-made pasta topped with mature mountain cheese and crispy onions served in the pan with mixed salad

“Tiroler Gröstl” Pan-fry dish of potatoes, bacon, sausage, fried egg and cabbage salad

“Kaiserschmarrn” Pancake chunks served with apple mousse

“Tiroler Gemüsegröstl” Pan-fry dish of potatoes and vegetables with mixed salad


Main Courses | Fish

Zander fish with bacon, dill cream sauce and, zucchini-tomato-risotto

Tyrolean Mixed Grill Platter Pork steak, beef medallions and filet of turkey breast with herb butter, chips and grilled vegetables

Pan-fried escalope of veal “Vienna Style” with parsley potatoes and cranberries

Entrecote with potato wedges, herb-butter and grilled vegetables

Pork filet with spicy mushroom cream sauce, served with home-made pasta

Escalope of beef with onion sauce, roast potatoes “Bernese Style” and green beans

Cordon bleu of pork (Escalope of pork “Vienna Style”) stuffed with ham and cheese, with parsley potatoes, cranberries and mixed salad

Game stew “St. Hubertus” with mushrooms, home-made pasta and cranberries

Medallions of lamb with thyme sauce, Brussels sprouts and potato croquettes with almonds

Medium roasted duck breast with creamy polenta, mangetout and cherry tomatoes



Sweet curd dumplings in cinnamon-flavoured bread- crumbs and plum jam

Pancake “Schönanger” 1 Crepe with hazelnuts, chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream


Our menu is complemented by seasonal recommendations from the kitchen. Our menu is available from 11.30am to 2pm and from 5.30pm to 9pm.

All day you can dine from our afternoon menu. In summer closed on Tuesdays!

We gladly accept reservations at +43 5339 8118-0.


Enjoy the cozy atmosphere in our restaurant.


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